Glamping Co is the world’s most luxurious pop-up hotel. We provide stunning custom-made white tents for unique accommodation at Weddings, Festivals and Corporate Events.

Forget everything you know about camping and let the
romance of our pop-up hotel create the experience of a lifetime.

Enjoy the most luxurious tents on the market, set up
for you by our dedicated staff at the location of your choice.

Styled with 5-star hotel beds and super soft linen they combine the luxuries of great hotel accommodation with the escapism of the great outdoors.

With 4 branches across Australia Glamping Co has grown to the largest and most luxurious pop-up hotel in the country and is expending across the globe, with regions available for new vendors.

Let’s Build Your Glamping Village

It’s time to embrace your inner flower child and experience what it’s like to wake up with all your friends and loved ones around you in a spectacular Glamping village. In comfort and style.
Optional extras include toilets, showers, private chefs … and even a camp butler who can fetch bloody mary supplies.
Contact us today and together we’ll let’s start planning your dream experience.

Set-up and styled for you.

From stunning beach picnic tents to luxurious tent villages for Weddings, Festivals and Corporate Events, Glamping Co goes above and beyond to create awe-inspiring events, leaving your guests with memories that will last a lifetime! Simply choose the location of your event, the number of guests and Glamping Co’s dedicated team will then travel to your site, set up and style everything for you … ready for the event of your dreams.